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PREPARE TO VISIT AMBROSIA! EPIC CHEF LAUNCHES 11TH NOVEMBER The narrative-driven histrionic adventure launches on PC, Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One later this year.

 Team17 and Infinigon Games have today announced that quirky narrative-driven cooking adventure Epic Chef will be launching on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on 11th November. Epic Chef follows the adventures of Zest, a newcomer to Ambrosia – the culinary combat capital of Concordia – as he aims to become the best chef in the kingdom. Featuring a dynamic recipe system to rustle up over 100,000 unique dishes from ingredients grown and reared on his newly acquired dilapidated haunted villa, Zest must combine a litany of flavours with growing prowess in the kitchen to best the master chefs of Concordia at their own game and take the culinary crown. 

Key features

  • Story Time: A wonderfully crafted narrative unfolds as players journey to become the very best chef in Ambrosia
  • Delicious Dishes: Dynamic recipe creation means that players can experiment with thousands of different ingredient combinations to create a unique menu of delicious delights
  • Food Fights: Engage in battles across Ambrosia with master chefs; dishes are scored on a variety of things and no two judges have the same taste, meaning every battle is different
  • Home Sweet Home: Customise and repair the dilapidated (and slightly haunted) villa Zest calls home to its former glory
  • Discover Ambrosia: When the kitchen gets a little too hot players can go on spa trips, try fishing, or meet the friendly locals.


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